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Yup, There's a "Mexican Edition" Harlem Shake

Twitter: @AndreaGompf

If you have an internet connection and a Facebook account, chances are you’ve probably seen at least 8 Harlem Shake videos by now. The internet’s latest viral dance craze, all of the Harlem Shake videos are variations on the same theme: one person dancing in a room to a song called “Harlem Shake” by Baauer, until the beat drops and everyone else in said room explodes into dance. To be clear, when I say “dance” I really mean “thrash around,” since the flailing limbs most certainly do not approximate the actual Harlem Shake, nor any type of organized rhythmic movement. But I digress. The videos were fun to watch, quickly started to become annoying, and are now nearing Gangnam Style Abrasion Levels. With one exception: Harlem Shake (Mexican Edition). Reasons: “Con la Chilindrina” intro; presence of low rider; mariachis; someone getting shanked. You know what they say: it’s not a real party until someone gets shanked.