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Thursday, June 17th to Sunday, June 27th
Various theatres, check website for specific details

Los Angeles,


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Los Angeles Film Festival

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The Los Angeles Film Festival 2010 has something for everyone – that includes you Remezcla readers. They have spread a fresh variety of films from Latin America and Spain throughout their many showcases. It’s also worth mentioning that the film fest is shedding an International Spotlight on renowned Argentine director Leopold Torre-Nilsson, highlighting some of his masterpieces.

Film screenings will take place in select theaters in L.A. – view titles and show days of the featured Latin American and Spanish films below. Make sure to purchase tickets in advanced, they may sell out once you get there!


The Peddler (El ambulante), 2009, 84 min, showing June 19 & 20

The playful documentary follows ultimate DIY filmmaker Daniel Burmeister, who traverses the Argentine countryside turning sleepy villages into bustling back lots, and local postal workers into stars. Directed by Adriana Yurcovich, Eduardo de la Serna, and Lucas Marcheggiano, part of the International Showcase.

The Fall (La Caída), 1959, 84 mins, 35mm, showing June 19 & 26

Albertina, a pretty, naïve student from the provinces, rents a room in a strange, claustrophobic Buenos Aires household where the neurotic, sickly mother is confined to her bed, leaving her four unattended sons to run wild, living by rules of their own invention. Directed by Leopold Torre-Nilsson.

The Hand in the Tramp (La mano en la trampa) 1961, 91 mins, 35mm, showing June 20 & 26

The winner of the International Critics Prize in Cannes in 1961, The Hand in the Trap stars Elsa Daniel playing Laura, a girl obsessed with discovering the dark secret that her family hides in an upstairs room of the house, off limits to everyone. Directed by Leopold Torre-Nilsson.

The House of the Angel (La casa del ángel), 1957, 75 mins, 35mm, showing June 26

The film focuses on the ruling class in 1920s Argentina, a deeply repressive society where political arguments were often settled by duels, and young women were expected to be totally ignorant of sex. Directed by Leopold Torre-Nilsson.

The Seven Madmen (Los siete locos), 1973, 120 mins, 35mm, showing June 20 & 26

This baroque melodrama, set in the 1930s, follows a frustrated, impoverished inventor into the twilight world of a secret revolutionary society funded by a network of brothels. Directed by Leopold Torre-Nilsson.


Secrets of the Tribe, BR/UK, 2009, 94 min, showing June 25 & 27

Decades of hidden anthropological scandals, unethical practices and abuse on the primitive Yanomami tribe in the Amazon basin are laid bare in this controversial exposé. Directed by Jose Padilha, part of the International Showcase.


Mandrill, 2009, 93 min, showing June 22 & 26.

The team behind Mirageman returns with a James Bond/Matt Helm riff or prime ’70s tough guy flicks. Hitmen for hire, gorgeous women, guns, martial arts, and a funky, funky score—this one has it all. Directed by Ernesto Diaz Espinoza, part of the Beyond showcase.


The Two Escobars, COL/USA, 2010, 100 min, showing June 20

Pablo Escobar was the most powerful drug kingpin in the world.  Andrés Escobar was the biggest soccer star in Colombia.  Their intertwining fates tell a deadly tale of sports, crime and a country brought to the edge of chaos. Directed by Jeff Zimbalist and Michael Zimbalist, part of the Summer Showcase.

Of Love and Other Demons, (Del amor y otros demoñios) COL/Costa Rica, 2009, 97 min, showing June 20 & 21

Based on Gabriel García Marquez’s sweeping novel Of Love and Other Demons is a sensual tale of taboo passions set in a South American seaport during the Inquisition. Directed by Hilda Hidalgo, part of the Narrative Competition.


Revolución, 2009, 105 min, showing: June 22 & 23

For the centenary celebration of the Mexican revolution, ten cutting edge Mexican directors offer snapshots of their homeland—pointed, poignant, subversive, and bursting with life. The super team of directors that contributed to the project includes: Rodrigo Pla, Diego Luna, Rodrigo Garcia, Gael Garcia Bernal, Gerardo Naranjo, Mariana Chenillo, Fernando Eimbcke, Amat Escalante, Patricia Riggen, Carlos Reygadas. Part of the Gala Presentations.

Circo, MEX/USA, 2010, 75 min, showing June 19 & 21

The Ponce family—who have owned a traveling circus for over one hundred years—find themselves struggling to survive a growing family conflict and the severe economic downturn in this beautifully crafted documentary. Directed by Aaron Schock, part of the Documentary Competition.

One Day Less (Un día menos), 2010, 77 min, showing June 19 & 20

This touching and lovingly observed Mexican documentary on the quiet daily routine of a spirited elderly couple in Acapulco explores what it means to grow old with the one you love. Directed by Dariela Ludlow Deloya, part of the Documenting Mexico showcase.

Presumed Guilty (Presunto culpable), 2009, 88 min, showing June 25 & 26

On the day of the murder he was accused of, Antonio wasn’t anywhere near the crime scene. Nevertheless, this twenty-something Mexican was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Two young Mexican attorneys attempt to exonerate the wrongly convicted man by making a documentary. Directed by Roberto Hernández and Geoffrey Smith, part of the Documenting Mexico showcase.

The Toledo Report (El informe Toledo), 2009, 84 min, showing June 20 & 24

This vivid collage of a film celebrates the life and art of celebrated Mexican storyteller, painter, and graphic artist Francisco Toledo, whose fantastic work is a singular fusion of nature and indigenous mysticism. Directed by Albino Alvarez Gomez, part of the Documenting Mexico showcase.


La Pivellina, Spain/Austria/Italy, 2009, 100 mins, 35mm, showing June 19 & 21

When a older woman discovers a two-year-old girl abandoned in a park, she decides to assume responsibility for the child, despite the half-hearted admonishments of her husband, in this beautifully understated piece of neo-realist filmmaking. Directed by Rainer Frimmel and Tizza Covi.

Los Angeles Film Festival

Various theatres, check website for specific details

Los Angeles,



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Doble Poder

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